Apple's mini 'e': New iPhone name revealed?

Amidst speculation that Apple plans to launch a 4-inch mini version of the iPhone, there are fresh reports about what the device might be called.
A Chinese analyst has said that Apple will neither number it along with iPhone 6 or the forthcoming iPhone 7, rather opt to club it with iPhone 5 series.
Speculation is that it will be called the iPhone 5e, with ‘e’ standing for enhanced - an enhanced version of the iPhone 5S - the 2013 flagship model.
The analyst added that the 4-inch device will incorporate features such as Apple Pay, NFC, an 8-MP camera and may come with the older A8 processor and 1GB RAM.
It was first rumoured that Apple might name the device 6C and that the device could be unveiled well before the release of its two main flagship devices in September or October.
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New reports have claimed that Apple might be planning a March event, when apart from the 4-inch device Apple might also announce the second generation Apple Watch.
In terms of design the device is expected to look more like an iPod touch and be powered by a 1,642mAh battery.
iPhone 5S and 5C were the last 4-inch devices from Apple before it moved on - thanks to pressures from rival Samsung and other Android manufacturers - to come up with a 4.7- and 5.4-inch displays for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple is hoping that the release of another 4-inch device will cater to several Apple fans who have opted to retain the smaller devices for its ease of handling.

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