Apple's new stylus pen could make you write even on floor

Image credit USPTO

Apple is going after Samsung again. If taking the iPhone to a phablet sized device was not sufficient enough to take on its South Korean giant, which popularized the large screened phones through its Galaxy Note, Apple has now decided that it wants the stylus as well.

Apple could be working its latest new product – a pen that could write on any surface.

According to a new patent awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the Cupertino based company could well be on its way to bring out its own stylus in the form of a smart pen.

Samsung has repeatedly marketed its tablets with its stylus and the timing is significant, especially as Apple plans to come out with a 12 inch tablet.

The patent document notes that the smart pen will be able to detect hand movements and translate it into digital line drawings and text.

The stylus will be able to write on any type of surface, such as a piece of paper or a whiteboard and subsequently will display the written images or text on a display of a digital computing device.

According to Apple the stylus may likewise be moved in three-dimensional space and corresponding images displayed on a display of a computing device.

“The stylus tracks its different positions while a user is writing or drawing and then either stores the data to be uploaded later or transmits the data simultaneously to a computing device,” the note said.

Apple's new stylus, unlike the existing devices will incorporate several accelerometers and motion sensors.

“As the stylus moves, one or more accelerometers may track the position and relative motion of a tip of the stylus. The stylus may store the output of the accelerometer(s) as position data for a period of time; position data may be transmitted in bursts to an associated computing device. It should be noted that the use of multiple accelerometers may permit the stylus to track three-dimensional motion as opposed to tracking only two-dimensional motion. It should also be noted that the stylus may continuously transmit position data rather than transmitting such data in bursts,” the note adds.

According to the note the computing device then displays the images and text drawn on the surface. The computing device may be located anywhere, as long as it is able to communicate with the stylus, and be able to display the written text or images,” the note said.

It also points out that the pen would go to a sleep mode and activate when it either picked up, its nib pressed to paper, removed from its dock or when turned on by the user.

The Livescribe 3 for example gives an example of what Apple`s new stylus pen could work like. While the former will only work against a specifically made notebook the stylus Apple plans to introduce could work on any surface.  

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