Apple's next mobile OS could bring mouse support to the iPad

At Apple's WWDC 2019, the company is expected to announce a slew of features launching with iOS 13, including one that could position the iPad as a laptop replacement: mouse support.

A long-standing argument exists about whether or not Apple iPads can serve as functional replacements for full-fledged laptops. Since their inception, the tablets have been offered with a handful of tools that help them emulate traditional laptops, including angled stands and attachable keyboards.

Last week, however, founder and editor-in-chief of MacStories Federico Viticci revealed in a Connected podcast that Apple is working on mouse and trackpad support for the iPad, a claim that Apple developer Steve Troughton-Smith confirmed on Tuesday.

The compatibility is rumored to come as an accessibility feature. More specifically, Viticci was noted as saying, "What I heard is that, without adapters, you will be able to use any USB mouse on your iPad, but as an accessibility device...Apple doesn't want to say that the only way to use the iPad as a PC replacement is to actually plug in a mouse."

If iOS 13 does launch with mouse support, it's likely that in addition to connecting a mouse via USB, users will also be able to connect Apple's Magic Mouse and Trackpad via Bluetooth.

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019 will take place June 3-7, in San José, California.

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