Apple Shock: Will the new iPad Mini sell for just Dh999?

Apple to unveil iPad Mini October 23

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you’ll know Apple is rumoured to unveil the iPad Mini on October 23 , and also that it is perhaps planning to undercut the market by a huge margin.

By how much, is anybody’s guess, and it seems a number of geek punters are indeed taking a pot-shot at it.

The rumours about its pricing – as is often the case with many of Apple’s impending products – were always buzzing online but began in the right earnest after Florian Schimanke, a German blogger, posted what seems like an inventory list of the various iPad Mini models.

And along with the various models, the list includes prices, with the price of the base 8GB model starting at 249.00, without a mention of the currency.

Since the list’s headers etc. are in German, it will be a fair assumption that the prices are in euros.

At current exchange rates, €249 translates into a local rate of Dh1,187.50.

That’s all fine, but as we all know, Apple doesn’t care too much about the official exchange rate and tries to keep up its marketing penchant about prices below a rounded-off threshold.

A quick comparison by Emirates 24|7 of products on two different Apple stores – in the UAE and in Germany – proved this.

A good example is the iPod Classic, which is available on the German Apple Store for €259.

Going by the official exchange rate, it should be listed on the UAE store for Dh1,235.19.

It isn’t – instead, it is listed for Dh1,049 on the UAE store.

In the same light, the iPod Shuffle is being retailed by Apple for €49 in Germany and Dh199 in the UAE while if the Cupertino-based company had followed the official exchange rate, it would be retailing the device for Dh233.68 in the UAE.

This clearly suggests that if the €249 price-point is indeed correct, we’re likely to see Apple breach the Dh1,000-barrier and offer the new iPad Mini at Dh999 in the UAE .

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That is likely to do some serious damage to the other tablets available on the market today.

By comparison, Google’s 8 GB version of the 7-inch Nexus 7 retails for the same price (Dh999) while Amazon’s 16 GB version of its 7-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet is available for Dh1,099.

On the other hand, the iPad Mini is expected to feature a larger, 7.85-inch screen, be relatively thinner and is rumoured to come with two speakers. This is getting interesting, seriously.


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iPad Mini likely to be launched on Oct 23


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