Apple users beware… Have you opened your iPhone?

Have you ever managed to open your iPhone?

If not, when was the last time you serviced your iPhone at a local mobile phone repair shop. Because you might never be able to do these things any more.

One of the 17 new patent applications published recently points out to the use of Liquidmetal technologies to make tamper-resistant screws, meaning nobody else other than official Apple service agents will be able to open an iPhone or any other Apple product with these screws.

According to MacRumors this is part of 17 other patents that have been recently applied by Apple employees working on Liquidmetal alloys.

“A proposed solution according to embodiments herein for tamper resistance is a fastener having a head portion and a tamper resistant bulk-solidifying amorphous alloy interlock portion, wherein the fastener and the substrate into which the fastener is fitted into are permanently fastened via an interlock formed from the interlock portion during the fastening process,” the filing for the patent reads.

If Apple does ever incorporate these new screw technology to tighten its products, it would mean the devices will be tamper proof and only Apple serviced agents will be authorised to open it.

Another patent applications suggests the use of these alloys in pressure sensors – possibly the home screen to ensure that it withstands the regular wear and tear of every day use.

Apple has been working with Liquidmetal Technologies since 2010 and according to recent reports the use of Liquidmetal means the new iPhone6 could be just 6mm thick, thereby become the thinnest smartphone in the market.

The iPhone 5S is 7.6mm thick. It is already reported that Apple is working on rleasing a 5.7 inch phablet sized device followed by the iPhone 6 later this year.


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