Autonomous parking solution in Germany... is Dubai next?

Will help cars find and report empty slots to help others

Autonomous parking solutions in Dubai could become a reality by 2020, making the emirate one of the first cities in the world to become completely smart city.

Bosch, the company which  has built various technology solutions in autonomous parking, says its latest solutions , currently being tested in Germany, can identify empty parking space and alert motorists looking for a space, thereby not only saving time and fuel and emissions but also increase efficiency and productivity.

One of the methods Bosch employs is to fit special occupancy sensors in parking lots or garages to detect and report empty spaces. Separately, many of its sensors already deployed on several automobiles searches and identifies empty curbside parking. The information is processed in the Bosch IoT Cloud to generate digital maps of parking spaces.

According to Bosch drivers can access the maps, for instance online or via their vehicle’s navigation system, and let themselves be guided directly to areas with free parking spaces.

"We are not just looking at reducing the time it takes for a motorist to find an empty parking space. It also saves fuel and the emission levels and also enables people to be at their meetings on time," says Volker Bischoff, General Manager & Vice President at Robert Bosch Middle East.

According to a research, at least 17 per cent of motorists are worried about finding parking space before they take their cars in countries such as Germany, Brazil, Russia, China, the UK, and the US. Finding an empty parking space is as or even more challenging in crowded areas like Deira and Bur Dubai, although the recent increase in parking fee has made it more easier to find an empty spot.

According to Bischoff, Dubai could witness a complete transformation in the way transportation is managed through the implementation of latest technology and autonomous parking could be the first technological solution.

"With the government's drive to make the city smart, we are looking at an increased momentum in implementing various such solutions," he says.

Dubai government recently launched an ambitious strategy for smart self-driving transport as part of Dubai's strategy to become the smartest city in the world.

25% of Dubai’s transport trips will be 'driverless' by 2030: Mohammed

Majority of new cars that are being rolled out into the market already come with sensors and are connected to Internet of Things (IoT).

The company, he says, has already tied up with various automobile manufactures and are in the process of tying up with more. He however did not specify if any such discussions have been initiated with the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai or similar agencies in other emirates.

As part of its move toward fully automated parking, the company also plans to launch a host of parking assistance systems that can help drivers park accident-free, or even completely guide them into a space.

The service is already gaining popularity across Europe and could roll out in several other major markets soon, says Bischoff.

According to Bosch, an evaluation of the 2014 vehicle registration statistics, of the nearly three million cars that were registered that year, half of them (52 per cent) featured a similar system. In Belgium and the Netherlands, half of all new cars in 2014 (50 per cent) came equipped with a parking assistant. In the U.K., the figure is 19 per cent.

These systems, it says, are mainly based on ultrasonic sensors, which the company has been making since 1993.

Among its other solutions are roadside assist where the sensors help the car park on its own and do so in a crowded and congested space.

The video made by Bosch explains the process how Bosch sensors enables self-parking of vehicle.

Meanwhile, Bosch, which recently entered the e-bikes segment, announced that its revenues had increased to $78.3 billion last year, mainly as a result of increasing sales on North America.

“In 2016, our sales in driver assistance will exceed one billion euros,” he said.

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