Be Aware: Your social networking inter-action being watched

Police discovered files from accused's phone. (Shutterstock)

All online interactions on social networking sites are under the scanner in the UAE. Social Networking Monitoring – a new programme was launched by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) during the recent Idex.

According to Ghaith al Majaina, acting manager, Security and Quality Services at the TRA, the programme scans all social media interactions in the UAE for any offensive and abusive language directed against the state or the government or authorities.

“Such interactions will get flagged immediately,” said Al Majaina. He was speaking during an event at the TRA headquarters in Dubai to announce an awareness campaign on cyber blackmail.

According to him, the regulatory body is constantly monitoring social media and - as and when necessary - will also seek help from counterparts in other countries to bring those responsible for blackmailing and other related violations to justice.

Al Majaina said that TRA also has a programme that protects websites and domains against hackers and takedown attempts.

“It is a subscription-only service. We have about 700 domains currently being protected,” he said.

Last December, Etisalat website was disrupted for a brief period following an alleged attack by hackers. Last month again, the website of an Arabic newspaper Al Ittihad was hacked as well. Commenting on the incident Al Majaina said the newspaper website was not part of the 700 domains that had subscribed for the service.


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