Best mobile phone, Best tablet in market: iPad Air, HTC One winners

Apple and HTC have one again won the race in terms of ‘what’s the best’ in the market.

The iPad Air has scored over various Samsung Galaxy tab models to be voted as the best tablets while the best mobile phone is neither the iPhone 5S nor the Samsung S4 - it is HTC One.

GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards were announced last week during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The winners were selected by a select panel of judges made up of industry experts, analysts, journalists and academicians.
The HTC One was named the Best Smartphone last year as well.

The other nominees, which were considered, were the Apple iPhone 5S, the LG G2, the Lumia 1020 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Last year's winner was the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In its note on the iPad Air the judges panel said “The iPad Air packs class-leading performance in an attractive and svelte frame, while its ecosystem has an undisputed advantage in the number of format-optimized apps.”

Similarly the HTC One they said remained one of the most advanced smartphones throughout 2013.

“It’s great design and excellent user interface continue to provide a differentiated user experience, standing out from the competition,” the note said.

iPad Air’s win could upset Samsung which has made its present felt in a major way at the MWC.

Apple on the other hand is absent from the show like it does every year.

The Nokia Lumia 520 was announced as the Best Low-Cost Smartphone (sub-$150 wholesale price).

The Nokia 105 was announced Best Entry-level or Featurephone.

The other nominees were the Nokia 208, the Nokia 515, the Nokia Asha 210, and the Nokia Asha 503. Last year the winner was the Nokia Asha 305.