Beware! Superbug may be about to hit your PC

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Security experts have warned that a new 'supertrojan' virus is lurking in the cyber shadows, and it may be difficult for conventional security solutions to detect, according to a report on

The two most forbidding pieces of spyware on the net, SpyEye and ZeuSTwo, are believed to be teaming up to form a hybrid being hailed as SpyZeuS - and security analysts have said companies and users should be on their guard.

The security industry had suspected since October that the hackers behind ZeuS, which has been used to hack the websites of Bank of America and Nasa, were abandoning their creation and sending the leftover codes to the creators of SpyEye. 

And now traces of the updated Trojan are popping up, as authors have been shipping out beta releases of SpyZeus almost daily, reported 'Wall Street Journal'. And for the average consumer, there are simple detection techniques that can help those hoping to fend off cyber criminals.

"Just be aware," Alex Cox, principal research analyst at security firm NetWitness said. "There should always be a red flag when you're using a computer at home and you are asked for something that your login doesn't normally ask you for. That should give you a heads up that something's awry."

The Gulf countries are seen as generally lagging behind in terms of IT security preparedness levels and so could be more vulnerable, says experts as is evident from an ealier Emirates 24|7 report below:

Cyber attacks double in GCC, warns Symantec


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