BlackBerry 10 browser is fastest: new study

BlackBerry is organising a roadshow to educate its users about the latest OS update it launched earlier this month.

BlackBerry introduced a series of new features with over a hundred new enhancements as part of its new software update OS 10.2.1 including an FM Radio, a revamped BlackBerry Hub, a much easier call handling feature, and new security features among others.

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BlackBerry s organising the roadshow at the Dubai Mall between February 13 and 22 where visitors can participate in a cube game and win prizes. For those who have still not upgraded their BlackBerry 10 devices with the new update, the tech staff at the stands will help you do it.

Meanwhile, in a latest news that could give some cheer to BlackBerry 10 users, a new study has revealed that their browsing experience could be the fastest compared to others when it comes to page load time.

A new study by<> points out that the browser on BlackBerry 10 has demolished the others, be it the iPhone running on the latest iOS 7, Android or the Windows mobile devices.

The study analysed more than 16.8 million page views last year using the Real User Monitoring (RUM) feature and, as per the result, BlackBerry 10 devices took just 1.55 seconds on average to load a webpage while Opera Mini took 4.78 seconds, while the safari on the latest iPad mini running iOS7.1 took 4.9 seconds.

“No matter how quickly your app code performs, if the end user’s browser is slowing things down, your application risks delivering a less than optimal user experience,” says the new infographic that New Relic has prepared.

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