BlackBerry 10 launch pushes Bold prices down

The new BlackBerry phone – BBZ10 - that will be launched on January 30 will hit stores here in the UAE and Saudi Arabia within two weeks.

Old and used models are already selling for 50 per cent cheaper online.

According to a senior source from a retail chain, the new BB10 devices will be available for sale by February 15.

“We are all just waiting for the new devices to arrive. People have already started enquiring.

“A RIM sales staff yesterday said he was confident that the new devices can be made available for retail sales by Feb 15,”the official said.

The Z10 is expected to be priced between Dh2,550 to Dh3,000.

Emirates 247 had earlier reported that the new device could hit stands in the UAE as early as February. 

Dubai would be one of the select few cities in the world where the BlackBerry 10 launch event is being planned.

As Sandeep Saihgal, Managing Director, RIM – Middle East had earlier said, “On January 30, we will bring another landmark event to the UAE with the BlackBerry 10 launch which will first happen in Dubai and simultaneously across six cities.”

RIM is expected to launch BB10 with two new models including the full touch Z10, previously known as the L series and similar to the BB10 Dev Alpha B, that have been distributed to developers across the world. 

Meanwhile, sales of older blackberry models have slowed down significantly in anticipation of the new launch.

“Sales were already low especially of high end models such as the Blackberry Bold. There are lot of enquires from customers about the date of availability,” said a sales staff from Sharaf DG.

Blackberry Bold which is retailing for around Dh1500 is being sold off online for as low as Dh800 to Dh950 by users keen on buying the new BB phones.

“I have been waiting for almost an year since I decided to change my phone for this release. I wanted a better phone but was not willing to do away with my BBM. I have still not decided to sell my BB Bold but might eventually do so,” said Manish a media executive in Dubai.


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