Car of future revealed: Driverless, gesture controlled, with swivel chairs…

The average car will soon be turning into a lounge on wheels, with the driver offering only minimal instructions to the vehicle itself.

You will be able to input your destination, and then swivel your chair around to face the other passengers. They will pour you some coffee and you will chat about the latest social media craze.

Infographic: Supplied

Maybe you will pull out some board games – a round of Monopoly to pass the time while you zoom across the country to your summer getaway?

Or perhaps you want to catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Go ahead, pull out the high definition monitor from the dashboard and turn up the surround sound speakers. Just as the credits roll on, you hear a little beep as the car lets you know you are five minutes away from your destination.

At the latest International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), automobile giants gave the world a taste of the future in automotive engineering, complete with prototypes and demo reels. While some of the promised innovations are still a few years away from mass production, others, such as smart watches and assisted braking, will soon be seen in new models.

In early January, Mercedes-Benz captured the world’s imagination by unveiling a futuristic self-driving car prototype at the CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And what does it entail? Of course, from being autonomous, the F015 Luxury in Motion, also promises to be fuel efficient and will be a driverless car that will be sharing the highways with human-driven vehicles, within the next decade.

“The automobile industry is such a competitive marketplace, it is constantly working towards technological advances to gain the edge. Car manufacturers are working towards creating a more luxurious and hands-free driving experience for consumers which will in effect increase safety on the roads as it will take out the element of human error,” says Ramy Mrad, Head of Account Management at Carmudi, an online car selling platform.

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