Citius, altius, fortius, but iPhone 5 is boring. Call it the ‘Why Phone 5?’ - Emirates24|7

Citius, altius, fortius, but iPhone 5 is boring. Call it the ‘Why Phone 5?’


Why Apple, why? Why did you need to create such a buzz about this listless device that you unveiled yesterday?

Yes, it’s citius (faster), altius (taller) and fortius (stronger), but where’s the quantum leap that you promised last year when you launched the iPhone 4S and told us that it is not called the iPhone 5 because there is no revolution in this phone – just an evolution from the iPhone 4.

"While most of us took it for granted that the screen size would get bigger, we also probably expected the design to change quite dramatically. This sadly didn't happen," says Ashish Panjabi, COO of Dubai-based Jacky's Electronics, a smartphone retailer. Panjabi is perhaps bang on the money with the sentiment that has a global reach.

The iPhone 5, by any standards, is an evolution, not a revolution.

Why then do you call it “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone? It doesn’t even come close to what the first iPhone did. To anyone.

You say you changed the design. We say you just tweaked it.

You say it is unlike anything that you, or anyone in the industry, has ever made before. We say good – you’ll save yourself from patent lawsuits. But what’s the big deal?

You say that, at 112 grams, it’s 20 per cent lighter than the iPhone 4S. We welcome that – but that’s hardly revolutionary. Sony has gone to town with the announced weight of their upcoming Xperia SX – at 95 grams, that’s another 15 per cent lighter than your offering.

You say the screen is bigger at 4 inches. We say we’ve seen bigger ones.

You say the display is revolutionised with 1136-by-640 pixels and 326ppi density. We say this display was revolutionised this May when LG announced its 5-inch screen with 1920-by-1080 pixels 440ppi density. Now that’s ‘revolutionised’.

You say the iPhone 5 will have global LTE. We say it a tad LaTE.

You say Siri has evolved. We say about time.

You say the battery life is enhanced. We say that’s a much-needed ‘evolution’.

You say the connector is new. We say yes, it’s your bridge to bigger profits. You’ll be charging us an additional $30 for it, right?

You say it’s the iPhone 5. We say it’s the ‘Why Phone 5?’.