Coming Soon: LED TVs as thin as your smartphone

Corning Glass technologies, the company that is famous for its Gorilla Glass that equips the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series, has announced that it is working on a new set of glass that could significantly shrink the size of the LCD TV.

The glass, a substrate that can significantly reduce the thickness of a liquid crystal display TV set, can reduce the size of a TV making it as thin as a smartphone.

According to the company Iris Glass is 36 times stiffer than plastic, freeing panel makers to design TVs that are less than 10 millimeters thick. Iris Glass delivers 90 percent lower thermal expansion, enabling narrower bezels for sleeker designs.

The technology replaces plastic which is being used by the industry as part of the backlit assembly.  The iris Glass was developed for use as a light-guide plate (LGP) in edge-lit LCD TVs. All LCDs require a backlight to generate images. Light-guide plates are an integral part of the backlight assembly, distributing and directing LED light through the TV.

The company had unveiled the new technology at CES 2015 at Las Vegas

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Releasing its plans for 2015 the company in its note said the new Iris Glass includes one of the key strategies to drive the company’s continued success.

James P. Clappin, president of Corning Glass Technologies, addressed the continued strong profit expectations for his business group, comprising the Display Technologies and Specialty Materials segments.

“2015 will be all about large-size LCD TVs,” Clappin stated. “This segment of the display industry grew more than 50 per cent year over year on a unit basis in 2014, and our analysis shows that the average TV screen size is growing more than 1 inch per year. Importantly, every inch in screen-size growth equates to about 150 million square feet of additional glass demand.”

He noted that this growth comes from three key drivers: sleeker form factors; superior viewing experience, particularly from Ultra HD technology; and an affordable upgrade environment. “The consumer who bought a 40-inch HD TV six years ago, can now get a 55-inch TV for the same price, with a dramatically improved viewing experience.”

Corning forecasts the display industry’s total glass market will exceed 5 billion square feet by 2016, with large-size LCD TV viewing area growing more than 30 per cent over this forecast horizon.


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