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Consumer Reports’ best ever smartphones (not iPhone)

Seven is Samsung’s lucky number – or so says Consumer Reports, the not-for-profit US-based magazine considered an authority on consumer products ratings and advice.

In its latest review of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the magazine goes gaga over the devices’ “great cameras and batteries paired with expandable storage and water resistance” which, according to Consumer Reports, “help them beat the competition” (read: the iPhone).

It found the latest smartphones from Samsung’s stables so good that it just named the Samsung Galaxy S7 the best smartphone it has ever reviewed, and the S7 edge as its second best. Ever.

Now, that’s got to be something.

Last year, several of Samsung’s fanboys cried foul when the South Korean giant skipped the water-resistance feature and the MicroSD slot in its then-flagship, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

That, clearly, impacted the devices’ popularity with its loyal customers, and the S6 and S6 edge failed to challenge the might of the legendary iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, its arch-rivals’ flagships for that year.

“The new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge bring back water-resistance and expandable memory. They earn ‘Excellent’ battery life scores, and turn in top-notch performance in other areas. These new models aren't just Samsung’s best smartphones, but, perhaps, the best smartphones. And they now sit atop our Ratings,” says Consumer Reports.

Samsung seems to have taken a clear lead this year when it comes to smartphone supremacy, with UAE retailers confirming a solid start to Galaxy S7 sales.

In fact, in the UAE, the higher-priced Galaxy S7 edge is doing even better than its regular cousin. Neelesh Bhatnagar, the CEO of Emax Electronics, told Emirates 24|7 that the retailer has been receiving “very good feedback” on both the Samsung Galaxy flagships and that “the buzz is for the S7 edge”.

In terms of comparison with the previous Galaxy flagship, Bhatnagar says: “Pre-orders and sales are much better than the Galaxy S6, given the substantial upgradation of technology and specs in the current flagships.”

He notes that UAE sales of the S7 and S7 edge have continued their upward trajectory even after the initial hype – powered by a free Samsung Gear VR thrown in for pre-orders of every S7 / S7 edge device – has settled.

In a nutshell, then, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are the best smartphones money can buy (according to Consumer Reports).

It’s certainly going to take some catching up to do by Apple, the current premium smartphone leader, as well as the other contenders – including the Huawei/Honor brothers, HTC and Lenovo, among others.