Dubai Cyber Innovation Park opens registration for 'Cybersecurity Bootcamp'

Dubai Cyber Innovation Park (DCIPark) has opened registrations for the second edition of the “Cybersecurity Bootcamp” to train a specialised and qualified workforce in the cybersecurity field.

The second edition of the programme will start on 20th February 2023, offering sessions over three days per month for six months. Registration for the bootcamp can be done via sending an email to

The programme targets fresh graduates and employees looking to build a career in cybersecurity. DCIP enlists prominent experts and specialists to provide intensive courses in cybersecurity, training participants to effectively and quickly address cyber threats, in addition to developing scenarios that simulate reality.

The programme highlights key topics, including cybersecurity and network security procedures and tactics for assessing common vulnerabilities in web applications that may lead to cyberthreats.

It also discusses security challenges in cloud computing and how to detect them, the requirements for securing them, how to write programming languages while following cybersecurity best practices, and how to implement plans and address cyberattacks.

The Cybersecurity bootcamp is designed to meet the highest international standards and best practices and use the latest advanced technologies.