Dubai tops Internet searches in UAE

Dubai and Facebook are the fastest rising interest search in the UAE, according to Google’s latest data.

The web search giant said this year's fastest rising searches show a sustained interest in local content, with ‘Dubai’, ‘UAE’, ‘Emirates’ “Etisalat’ and ‘Dubizzle’ all in the top 25 for the UAE. 

“Every day we get more than one billion searches on Google for information worldwide, and the UAE in particular is the third-fastest growing country in the MENA region in terms of search queries. Today we are very excited to share with internet users here in the UAE Google Zeitgeist, which reveals the year-end results of the fastest rising search queries they have conducted throughout the year,” said Mohammad Mourad, Google Gulf Regional Manager.

In Egypt, phrases like ‘Jan 25th Revolution’, ‘Tahrir square’ and ‘Mubarak's trial’ were all predictably in the top ten, while ‘hafiz’ (a Ministry of Labour website), ‘Al Jazeera’ and ‘Al Arabiya’ all ranked quite high in Saudi Arabia.  These local searches were interspersed with all the usual suspects that pop up around the globe, such as ‘YouTube’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’. 

In terms of the fastest rising searches for people in Egypt, those related to the revolution were also near the top, with ‘Mubarak’, ‘Wael Ghonim’, ‘Essam Sharaf’ and ‘Hussein Salem’ all placing high in the ‘people search’ ranking.


Fastest rising searches in the UAE:

1.    Facebook

2.    Cricket live

3.    Dubizzle

4.    Samsung

5.    Al Jazeera

6.    Translate

7.    Dubai

8.    UAE

9.    Etisalat

10.  Emirates



Top searches in the UAE:

1.    Dubai

2.    Facebook

3.    Download

4.    Youtube

5.    UAE

6.    Yahoo

7.    Google

8.    News

9.    Movies

10.  Games



Egypt’s Fastest Rising Queries

1.    Jan 25th revolution

2.    Tahrir square

3.    Facebook

4.    Jokes 2011

5.    Al  Youm Al Sabaa

6.    Mubarak's trial

7.    Twitter

8.    Ministry of Finance

9.    Google Gravity

10.  The Forbidden Love series


KSA’s Fastest Rising Queries

1.    YouTube

2.    Facebook

3.    Hafez

4.    Games

5.    Twitter

6.    Sponge Bob

7.    Al Jazeera

8.    Qalb Qalb (Heart heart) Song

9.    Al Arabia

10.  Al Tasleef Bank


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