Emirates Space Imaging ties up with Skybox Imaging for Meena

Emirates Space Imaging (ESI) today announced the execution of a multi-year agreement with Skybox Imaging (Skybox) to deliver timely,sub-meter resolution satellite imagery and high-resolution, high-definition video to Middle East, Europe and North Africa (Meena). Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) and European Space Imaging (EUSI) have been assigned to implement operations within their respective regions.

Under this agreement, ESI has purchased two compact ground stations, named SkyNodes, that each consists of a 2.4 meter antenna and two racks of supporting equipment.

The small-footprint system and complete software suite of easy-to-use applications will enable SIME and EUSI to schedule, task, image, downlink, and process imagery and video products captured from the Skybox constellation. The two ground stations will be located near Abu Dhabi and Munich.

“We are pleased to bring Skybox's capabilities to the Middle Eastern, European and North African regions.  The vision of Skybox and the future applications and information that it will bring to the market is very exciting,” said ESI Director of Operations, Fady Al Assaad. “Skybox’s frequent access to full-motion video and imagery will allow us to introduce a new generation of remote sensing into the regions.”

“Customers in these regions have a need for the right information at the right time. This is more than what the current market can provide,” said Skybox Senior Director, International Sales, Brian Leslie. “Our constellation approach combined with our web-scale data platform will provide the access to address that demand. SIME and EUSI have each been long-standing, leading providers of geospatial solutions for more than a decade. We are looking forward to working with them to grow the markets in these regions with more timely, high-resolution, high-quality imagery and video products.”

SkySat-1, Skybox’s first satellite of the planned 24-satellite constellation, was successfully launched on November 21, 2013, and is currently undergoing calibration. SkySat-1 captures sub-meter resolution color imagery, as well as high-resolution, full motion video. SkySat-2 and SkySat-3 are planned for launch in mid-2014 and early 2015, with the first block launch of 6 additional satellites planned for late 2015.


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