Emirati inventions in field of smartphone devices

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published two new international patent applications for the UAE in the field of smart phones and tablets, to register ownership in this field of four international inventions, which are the first for the Arab world.

As their first inventions in this field of technology, for tablets of multiple parts which fold automatically into smart phones, the team of inventors, Eida Almuhairbi with her husband Eng. Wasfi Alshdaifat and Eng. Farah Qassab, decided that the development by international companies for flexible, manually foldable tablets also need a further developed automatic folding and unfolding mechanism.

The main inventor, Wasfi Alshdaifat, said: "The international search and examining authorities have written in their reports that the 55 claims in the four inventions are totally industrially applicable, novel, and inventive, compared to the searched patents, which were referring to Samsung, LG, Toshiba and other companies.

From her side, Eida Muhairbi stated that according to the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), the major competent companies capable of developing their prototypes into marketable products, based on the positive results of the high-quality international search reports from WIPO, had requested them to enter into the international phase, to get their patents granted from the relevant patents offices in USA, China, Japan, Europe, and South Korea. Almuhairbi added, "Now, it will be easy to get the patents granted from these offices, but we need to file 20 national patent applications in these offices, which costs around  Dh2 million as fees for the agent offices' service charges and patents filing fees.

WIPO has published 15 international patent applications for the UAE so far this year, including 6 (40%) for the Almuhairbi and Alshdaifat team, who now have thirty registered international patents applications with the WIPO making them the top inventive body in the country, ahead of UAE university which has eight.

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