End of the line for Apple iPhone 5C; price crash?


iPhone 5C continues to perform poorly in terms of sales both across the globe and in the UAE.

Retailers participating in the just concluded Abu Dhabi Electronic Shopper told Emirates 24|7 that people preferred the iPhone 5S rather than the iPhone 5C, due to no “significant” price advantage.

A 16GB iPhone 5C can be purchased for around Dh2,000 while the iPhone 5S is priced at Dh2,500.

“Pay another Dh500 and you will get a much advanced phone. We have quite a few stocks of 5C remaining,” said a retailer from Costless Electronics.

However, dealers in the UAE indicate that if there is any truth to the iPhone 5C rumours, the prices of the phone could quickly crash.

Unless, of course you are an iPhone collector, in which case you'd be willing to pay a premium to get your hands on the C.

According to latest reports, quoting Taiwan-based supply chain makers, iPhone 5C inventories estimated at over 3 million units.

The report adds that Apple has already stopped placing orders for fresh units of the iPhone 5C.

“Due to their contracts with Apple and high purchasing prices, most telecom carriers and retailers are unlikely to offer significant price cuts in the short term for the iPhone 5C,” the Digitimes report said.

So will Apple discontinue the model in 2014? Will there be a iPhone 6C?

What’s making the rounds online is this new concept video of what “could be an iPhone 6C” by designers at ovalpicture.com.

The spec sheet of the mockup points out to a 4.7' inch device with a Retina Display and 8 MP Camera and a touch ID Sensor.

Speaking to CultoffMac Dutch designer Joseph Farahi who designed the concept says, “I think Apple shouldn’t give up on their iPhone C line.

“It’s a pretty great product, a lot of people really love to have a colorful iPhone. I think Apple shouldn’t consider the iPhone C as a failure, but as an experiment — and continue the line with an enhanced design and more powerful specs.”

Enjoy the video here.


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