Etisalat's device-only iPhone plan; BlackBerry Priv with data


Apple might be predicting a drop in iPhone sales but Etisalat has launched a plan that could drive up the numbers for the Phone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

It has launched an exclusive device only plan where those interested in purchasing the device and not club it with any of the data plan can do so for Dh115 a month.

Earlier Etisalat subscribers could only opt for an iPhone 6S or a 6S Plus by opting for a monthly plan of Dh265 for an iPhone 6s and Dh290 for an iPhone 6S Plus along with 5GB of monthly data and 500 local minutes.

The new plan however enables users to opt for the device independent of internet data or talk time.

A 12-month plan will require a subscriber to pay Dh220 for a 16GB iPhone 6S and Dh320 for a128GB {Phone 6S Plus.

Meanwhile, Etisalat has also announced the launch of BlackBerry Priv as a bundled offer along with its data plan where the device can be obtained for free. A BlackBerry Priv device can be now obtained for Dh240 a month for 24 months along with 5GB data and 500 minutes of talk time.

Subscribers can also opt for a 10GB plan along with 1000 minutes for Dh425 with an 18-month contract or pay Dh675 for 20GB of monthly data and 2000 local or 750 flexible minutes for a contractual period of 18 months.

The announcement comes almost a month after du launched the BlackBerry Priv to its subscribers for a one-off payment of Dh149 when they sign up for a 24-month contract.

With du however the options are limited as you will have to shell out Dh350 per month but receive 300 flexible minutes and 11GB of data.

BlackBerry launched its Priv late last month for about Dh2,800 but the price has been dropping since. It can currently be purchased online for about Dh2450.

The Android device is Blackberry's first handset that comes without the secure BlackBerry OS.

The 5.4 inch device runs on two main features compared to other Android devices – BlackBerry’s productivity, security and privacy features and a physical Qwerty Keyboard. The device offers the freedom to choose between a virtual keyboard or a physical keyboard. However, BlackBerry has been trying to attract Android users, who are otherwise vulnerable about the security features.

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