Etisalat SmartHub-IPX partners with Mobily

Etisalat on Wednesday announced a partnership with Mobily based in Saudi Arabia to provide a seamless 4G-LTE roaming experience to subscribers in both countries.

Mobily connects its subscribers via Etisalat’s SmartHub IPX which specialises in providing 4G/LTE roaming services, voice service, signalling, messaging service, GRX data exchange between Mobile Network Operator (MNOs), Fixed Network Operator (FNOs), Application Service Provider (ASP) and Over-The-Top content players through a single connection.

Saudi Arabia is Etisalat’s largest roaming destination and the UAE is one of the top roaming destinations for Mobily. Subscribers with 4G-LTE handsets like the iPhone 5 and Samsung 4 will enjoy seamless connectivity.

Ali Amiri, Executive Vice President, Carrier & Wholesale Services, Etisalat, said, "We are proud of Etisalat SmartHub’s partnership with Mobily which will enable subscribers in both countries to enjoy consistent, high quality LTE experience and provide best-in-class Internet roaming connectivity.

"SmartHub-IPX is designed to provide our partners with a one-stop-shop for connectivity to the region. With strong business relations between both countries, today’s announcement becomes integral to the changing dynamics of the business ecosystem. The partnership with Mobily will improve customer experience as well as deepen ties between both countries,” he said.

Amer Mowafi, Chief Wholesale & Carrier Services Officer, Mobily, said, "The partnership with Etisalat SmartHub-IPX will boost communication services between both countries, especially with the increasing amount of subscribers travelling for both personal and business needs. The growing proliferation of 4G devices in the region has also made it imperative to provide the best network and services to our large subscriber base in the country."