Facebook launches new 'edit' comments button

Ever posted a Facebook comment, and immediately regretted it.

Well, Facebook now allows you to fix those awkward rants, typos and grammatical errors with their new ‘edit’ button.

Earlier, when a comment featured typos, users had to merely delete and repost the entire comment, or post a series of comments to explain the blunder.

“It will give us a chance to change the stupid spelling mistakes,” wrote Facebooker Chava.

The new button, however, doesn’t offer its editing assistance while typing out the status messages. “Ok. the wall post can’t be edited but the replies can be edited by poster,” tweeted a social media user.

It also addresses issues where users ranted without thinking out the consequences. “There are times when we type out our views without actually gauging its impact. Surely this button would help us censor our thoughts,” said an anonymous Facebook enthusiast.

“There's negative and positive to everything. I love that I can go back and edit something if I spelled it wrong or if it had bad grammar but I also think it will be used to make people look like idiots when having a discussion,” added Devorah Weberman-Feeley.

However, not all users are gung-ho about this new button. “Dear Facebook: What's the point of the edit button if everyone can see I was an (idiot) and misspelled something the first time? Obviously I'm still going to just delete stuff and re-type it. Duh!” wrote an user.

“It would’ve worked if the history was privatised for the author and the post owner only… not the entire set of shared friends,” typed another user.

They were referring to the ‘Edit History’ feature that tracks the changes and broadcasts it to your nosey friends.

The button, facebook owners claim, will ensure that no one will have to delete and repost a post. This works in situations where “you’ve made a typo and already have some likes and don’t want to delete your comment entirely”.

Even twitterati was abuzz with the new exercise. Some lauded the effort, even coaxing Twitter owners to introduce something similar for its users. “Twitter should also invent edit button for typos just like facebook! Pretty useful lol,” wrote @syuxx.

Some even alleged that new initiation is a blatant copy of what Google+ has already on offer for its customers.

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