Gadgets of the Week: Bluetooth baby pacifier, dumb car 'Parrot'...

Stress has emerged as the number one killer and a French company is promising to relieve you of all your stress in just 15 minutes.

And for parents who are really stressed while measuring your baby`s temperature there is a the Pacif-i, the Bluetooth connected dummy. Read on…

Pacif-I – world’s smartest dummy

It claims to be the world’s first bluetooth pacifier and promises in how it measures the temperature of toddlers. The device comes with a temperature sensor built into the pacifier’s silicon teat.

It thereby transmits temperature data via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone.

The app determines when the temperature is the most accurate and then time-stamps and plots the temperature data in a graph.

The app also enables parents to record when medication was administered and set-up alerts and reminders and share the data with the doctors.

Parrot RNB 6 – for the dumb cars

CES 2015 saw many in-car entertainment systems and future connected car solutions that would transform the way we drive.

French consumer drone maker Parrot came out with a device that could equip your decade old car with a smart connected gadget and most importantly adopts to both iOS and Android devices.

Connect your smartphone and you can run Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto to retrieve and display Apps from your Smartphone directly on the Parrot RNB6’s screen.

Users can capture and automatically record audio and video of the road ahead with the in-vehicle HDR/Full HD Camera. You can obviously use the integrated navigation system and driving assistance services and also use the advanced voice commands for telephony, Apps, radio and navigation.

Melomind – for those who are stressed

For those who want to get rid of your stress – there are multiple options including yoga and exercise.

Yet we have a new solution that uses a gadget to relieve you if stress.

France based MyBrain Technologies has come up with a new device which is actually a head gear that connects to your smartphone using bluetooth and is said to measure brain activity using a musical interaction experience.

The device was showcased during the recently concluded CES and can be preordered for $299.

PetCube – a camera for your cat

It is a perfect gadget for pet lovers and especially those who leave them alone at home. The device is a palm sized cube that has a camera, a speaker and a laser pointer. Connect to the camera remotely to watch what your pet is upto in your absence and you can even keep it entertained by speaking to it and distract its attention and even make it play using the laser pointer.

The four-inch device gives you a 138-degree view and can shoot HD quality video. The device is priced at $199.

Don’t buy a PC, rent it

It is being termed as the world`s first subscription based, pocket-sized PC.

The PC is just the size of a small palm-sized hard disk and can be carried wherever one goes.

Softwares are stored on the cloud and users will also require internet to use the device.

Tech Start up  - The Hive has come up with an interesting concept where you may not need to ever own a PC of your own.

For a rental amount of $99 (Dh362) you would be able to use the consumer version of the  pocket device for six months and at the end of it can either return the device or get a new upgraded version.

You also get a cloud based subscription of Adobe Creative suite along with the six month subscription.

The consumer version has Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM and 1TB of cloud storage.

There is also a professional version for those who want additional power. But this option does not come with a monthly subscription. The more powerful deice has to be purchased and will have Core M processors and also come with additional accessories such as graphics card and hard drive.


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