Gadgets of the Week: Smart jar has you eating your heart right

From talking toys to smart jars to designer wear that can be controlled through your smartphone, this week’s list of gadgets has it all

Neo Smart Jar

We are already moving towards a connected kitchen. Your washing machine and your refrigerators are already being connected. Now in what is being termed as the world’s first truly smart container, this smart jar has Bluetooth connectivity and responsive sensors.

The smart jar tracks what’s inside and even lets you replenish when you are running low and syncs seamlessly with the fitness devices.

It even suggests recipes and warns you if you are moving away from your diet plan.

The jars have built-in sensors which enable it to weigh its contents.

It connects to your smartphone and even suggests recipes based on available ingredients and the available quantity.

So whether you are watching your carbs, reducing fat, or managing sodium intake, ‘Neo’, according to the developers, uses real-time measurement to track key nutritional indicators and help meet your health goals.

It even alerts you when the product is nearing expiry date. The smartjar which is currently on Indiegogo can be pre-ordered for $69.

Tago Arc – The e-Ink bracelet

Tago Arc is a bracelet with a difference and holds the distinction of being the first such product that could change the way ornaments are designed,

It is basically an e-ink reader and displays designs from its native app. So, the next time you go out with jeans and a T-shirt you can choose a design that is more suitable to what you are wearing.

The product links the e-Ink technology with Near Field Communication (NFC). E-Ink displays only needs a little energy to change physical structure, and once changed it could stay that way practically for several years.

In order to change the displayed picture on the arc and transmit enough energy for the device to work, the user has to place his/her smartphone to precisely match both NFC chips and the developers have an Android app that enables this.

NFC induces enough energy during image transfer that the small e-Ink display is able to reconstruct the chosen image.

The displayed image will be 16 color greyscale on the bracelet with a pixel density (150 ppi). The project has already raised $74,000 and almost twice the its $40,000 target.

The device can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo for $259.

Ray - the new age universal remote


It’s a universal remote with a difference. The phone like device has a 4.8 inch touchscreen and compatible app and can control not just your TV, but thanks to its wifi features, to pretty much all other devices that can be controlled by a remote and are connected to the wifi network.

It has physical volume keys and is priced at $200.

The remote is very much interactive and can display various programmes, including schedules. The remote has a kid’s mode as well.

Watson - The new Dino

These are internet connected smart toys that can speak, interact with your child and are powered by IBM`s Cognitive Computing Engine.

A product of CogniToys, the little dinosaur is equipped with a technology that allows it to listen, speak and simultaneously evolve, learn and grow with your child; bringing a new element of personalised, educational play to children.

Kids need to simply press the belly of the toy to start communicating with it. Kids can give commands to the toys allowing the child to discover hidden talents. It can even get to hear stories and even create their own stories.

In fact the toy’s personality evolves over time based on the child's interaction with the toy.

According to the developers each toy will get to know the child and grow with him/her, interacting directly with them to create an experience around each child's personal interests. The project has already managed to raise $150,000. You can preorder one for $99

Tennino –portable TT

It’s a cardboard version of table tennis and designed to perfectly fit into a suitcase enabling you to fit a mini tennis court anywhere in your house, office or holiday home.

Made from 100 per cent renewable material, the Tennino is assembled from pre-folded cardboard parts and can be assembled in just a few minutes.

The nature of the product also makes it very affordable by reducing its price structure by a fraction. You can buy Tennino for 59.90 Euros (Dh250).


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