Gadgets this week: One-of-its-kind products

This week’s list of gadgets includes three products that claim to be one-of-its-kind in the world.

While 3D printers have regularly used plastic for building moulds, the latest introduction does the job with 80GSM paper. Similarly, Bluesmart takes travel technology to the next level and introduces a complete travel bag solution. Read on…

Panasonic Nubo – world’s first 4G surveillance camera

Panasonic has launched its Nubo surveillance camera, which is being termed as the world’s first 4G monitoring camera. All you need to do in insert 4G-enabled SIM card; the camera does not even need a Wifi connection. It even works with a rechargeable battery, which means you don’t need a nearby power socket for it to work.

Ideal for travellers, the device detects movements and can even distinguish between humans and animals, thereby preventing unnecessary alerts. It works on both iOS and Android devices and alerts are triggered to your mobile device. Clips are recorded in the timeframe of 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds.

It’s both dust and waterproof and, therefore, can be placed indoor or outdoor. Priced at $249, it will start shipping by the end of the year.


Bluesmart – the fully smart suitcase

There are several world firsts on the list today. Imagine a suitcase that can weigh itself, has a digital lock, can charge your phone, a built in location tracker and even communicates with your smartphone, alerting you when the suitcase moves beyond your proximity?

Bluesmart provides 2 USB chargers that can be used simultaneously.

The smart suitcase has 10,000 mAh capacity battery, enough to charge an iPhone six times over.

An external USB port is placed on the exterior behind the handle, for easy access and fast plug/unplug. On the inside, there is an additional USB port that allows charging while on the go.

A companion app also lets you keep a complete tab on all the places you have visited.

The suitcase itself weighs about 3.8kgs and as a capacity of 32L and comes in black colour.

Bluesmart managed to raise almost $1.9 million through crowd funding. You can pre-order the device for $299.

Xiaomi Yi - new affordable sport cam

There is nothing that the Chinese cannot make. The best part is that they make it really competitive at a very affordable pricing. For all those who wanted a GoPro but did not have the budget to buy one can now think of owning one. Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has unveiled a new action sport cam at the Mobile World Congres and has priced it at just $64, just half the price of a GoPro cam.

The wifi-enabled camera has features such as 155-degree wide-angle lens, 1080/60fps video with a 64GB memory and digital image stabilization. The camera will initially be available only in China.

ZTE smart projector

The ZTE SPro 2 is an improved version of its previous model and comes with an advanced projection system, battery life and user interface.

The device has a resolution of 1280x720 and projects HD images up to 120 inches with brightness of 200 lumens. The projector can stream from multiple devices – up to eight devices via 4G LTE networks. It has a 6300 mAh battery and can last for three hours of continuous media streaming. The device is priced at $399.

Mcor Iris paper 3D printer

3D printers are evolving and so is the material science that’s powering the technology.

Mcor, an Irish company has come out with a paper-based alternate to plastic used as cartridge in 3D printers.

Safe and eco-friendly, Mcor 3D printers use common and readily available copy paper. The printers do not use expensive plastics but builds objects out of cut-and-glued sheets of standard 80 GSM office paper and can print photo-realistic 3D parts with high quality colour in the finest resolution.

Mcor 3D printers are based on the Matrix system that loads the first sheet and uses a roller cutter to slice in the form of the first layer. Then a layer of adhesive is applied and the next layer is added and the process continues.

Jacky’s Business Solutions recently partnered with Mcor Technologies, manufacturer of the desktop paper-based 3D printers to distribute the device in the Middle East.


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