Gitex Shopper Day 4, 'live': How you can win free flights, iPhone 6s today

Mobile providers in the UAE are set to reward their new postpaid customers with free air travel. Whether its air miles or free return air tickets, new customers will effectively get to pack their bags and go on vacation.

Signing up for Du’s new yearly contracts for 12 months will fetch you free return air tickets to select destinations.

“Within 14 days of the purchase, Du will contact the customer with the details of the air tickets,” informed a sales agent at Sky Telecom in Gitex Shopper.

Etisalat has also tied up with local retailers to offer new customers a chance to get 20,000 air miles.

“Sign up for Dh150 (yearly contract), and get 5GB data and 500 local minutes or 200 flexible minutes of free talktime,” reads the placard flashed by their ground agents. The offer also includes Dh250 voucher.

Du is also offering to pay three months of the bill for customers signing up for the Smart300 plan. The offer is up till October 7, and the Gitex Shopper special offer includes a smart watch and powerbank.

“We have had a great run at Gitex Shopper so far, with 60 new customers in the first three days,” revealed a sales agent.

Get iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus for free

Both mobile providers have started pre-booking for the new iPhone 6s, and 6s Plus, and claim they will deliver the handsets before October 14.

Etisalat is offering postpaid packages for iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus, and claims the handsets will be for free.

“If you sign up at Gitex Shopper, you get a power bank and a surprise gift from us,” their staff said.

Du, powered by Sky Telecom, is offering customers who sign up for Plan300 (yearly contract), the iPhone 6s for free.


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By: Sneha May Francis, Meesha Kapoor, VM Sathish and Jumana Ghuloom Abbas


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