Google’s the Grinch that stole Christmas, New Year’s Eve – and your birthday

People app hit badly

December’s dead. No, really.

Don’t believe me? Go check your latest Android phone. The month of December has disappeared on devices running the latest version of Google’s Android operating system due to a flaw, much like the ‘millennium bug’ that was supposed to take us back in time but never did.

In this case, however, Google the Grinch has indeed stolen Christmas – and with the New Year’s Eve and your birthday, if it happened to fall in December, that is.

In particular, the glitch affects the People app, which stores contact information on Android devices. For savvy users who’ve upgraded to the most up-to-date Android software launched in October, the version 4.2 Jelly Bean, the calendar jumps straight from November 2012 to January 2013, conveniently skipping the cold December.

Google, for the record, we like December here in Dubai, and request you to kindly return it to us. Now. What do you mean by you don’t get it – restore the month of December, please! We would have asked Santa to bring it for us but he comes only in December, which you’ve stolen. See?

To be fair, all Google calendars are not affected by the error – just the People app calendar. The disappearance of December means that any of your contacts lucky enough to have their birthdays in December will not be flagged up to you. I see a lot of ‘you forgot my birthday’ stuff happening next month unless Google quickly does something about fixing the bug.


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