'Hemayati': App can SOS UAE cops directly

'Hemayati' is available on Apple Store and Google Play. (Supplied)

The Ministry of Interior’s (MoI) Child Protection Center (CPC) urges families of the UAE to use the ‘Hemayati’ application available at the Apple Store for the iOS compatible iPhone and iPad, and at Google Play for Android compatible smartphones and tablets.

The application provides parents with the ability to communicate with their children at all times, and includes a built-in feature that enables children to send distress calls to their parents when they feel threatened.

The requests notify the Operations Room about the SOS notification with a single click. It also enables the police to keep in constant contact with the families and their children and handle the ‘Smart SOS’ with the highest priority, while the police respond to these emergencies within four minutes.

The ‘Hemayati’ Application can be activated by parents only. It helps parents to locate children when they are lost. It is specifically designed to enhance the protection of children, and is not meant to impose a kind of censorship over them.

A MoI statement said: “Installing the application on the family members’ phones must be done through mutual consent, and by their own discretion.

“Parents are advised to communicate with their children, and to emphasise and persuade them of the importance and benefits of this service that ensures their safety.”

How to register and use

The use of the application requires registration in the ‘Hemayati’ system.

To do so, the user must enter the ID number, and upon receiving a message with a PIN code generated by the system, the user must enter the PIN.

This process verifies the identity of the phone owner. The registration is completed directly through the application itself. The user can send an invitation message to add his wife to the account. To do so, the user should enter the wife’s ID number and e-mail.

The wife will then receive an e-mail containing a link with the terms of use and conditions, which she should accept in order to complete the registration process.

In order to add a new member to a group, enter the person’s ID number, and press ‘Add Location’.

To add a location, the user may press the + sign, and enter the location name.

The user may also navigate the map to find the location, by using the Use Current Location to find the user’s location on the map. Finally, press Add Location.

In order to add a commitment, press To Do, then choose the location, and specify the date, time and frequency. Finally, press Add.

Major General Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Chairman of the Higher Committee for Child Protection at the Ministry of Interior, said, “This application embodies the directives of the higher leadership, and falls in line with the CPC’s efforts to make use of smart technology in enhancing public confidence, and in achieving the aspirations of the UAE to become a platform and role model in child protection and security.”

He said: “Hemayati is also a translation of the government’s vision to make the UAE one of the safest places in the world by achieving a 100 per cent total sense of security and by reducing the response time for emergency calls to just four minutes.”

For iPhone:

Look for the app on Apple Store by typing HEMAYATI


For Android:

Look for the app on Google Play by typing HEMAYATI

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