How long will you have to work to own iPhone 6 in Dubai? Click to find out

New Yorkers will have to work mere three days to buy an iPhone 6, while residents of Dubai have to work for 55.8 hours to buy the Apple gadget, according to a report by Swiss bank UBS.

In New Delhi, one has to slog for 360 hours, while in Kiev inhabitants have to work 627 hours to afford the phone, the bank said in its new index of pay and prices for 71 global cities.

The ranking, published every three years, reveals Zurich residents just have to work 20.6 hours to earn enough money to buy Apple phone.

Londoners have to put in 41.2 hours of working hours, while workers in Mexico City need to toil over 217.6 hours.
In Nairobi and Jakarta, workers have to spend 468 hours to buy the phone.

Here is a list of the working hours required to buy an iPhone 6 (16GB) in each of these global cities:

Athens - 98.2 hours
Bangkok - 149.6 hours
Beijing - 217.8 hours
Chicago - 28.4 hours
Dubai - 55.8 hours
Geneva - 21.6 hours
Hong Kong - 51.9 hours
Jakarta - 468 hours
Kiev - 627.2 hours
London - 41.2 hours
Los Angeles - 27.2 hours
Mexico City - 217.6 hours
Miami - 27 hours
Moscow - 158.3 hours
Nairobi - 468 hours
New Delhi - 360.3 hours
New York City - 24 hours
Paris - 42.2 hours
Rio de Janeiro - 139.9 hours
Rome - 53.7 hours
Shanghai - 163.8 hours
Sydney - 34 hours
Tokyo - 40.5 hours
Toronto - 37.2 hours
Zurich - 20.6 hours

17 minutes to buy Big Mac

On a scale that looks at McDonald’s burgers, workers in Hong Kong have to work on average nine minutes to buy a Big Mac, while those in Nairobi have to work almost three hours.
In Dubai, working on average of 17 minutes can buy you a Big Mac.

High housing cost

The report put cost of renting a three-room apartment in Dubai at Dh11,891 ($3,240) per month, almost double that of Vienna, Austria ($1,120) and Madrid, Spain ($1,340).

Monthly rents for a two-room furnished apartment was $2,320, as it was listed the sixth costliest in the world.

A furnished two-room apartment in Hong Kong costs around $4,410 to rent per month – four times the monthly rent in Johannesburg. That is still not the highest though: rent in New York City costs $200 more per month for a similar apartment.

For this price, you could rent an apartment for 17 months in Sofia, UBS stated.

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