How to stop irritating GSM subscriptions easily

Responding to growing public complaints, the UAE’s communications authorities have told mobile phone operators to allow subscribers to cancel any GSM service without the usual long routine procedures, the press reported on Sunday.

The Telecommunications Authority (TRA) said it had asked Etisalat and Du to cancel procedures requiring mobile phone users to visit their offices when they want to cancel subscription of a service which they had obtained through a phone call of SMS.

TRA said it had taken such measures following complaints from many GSM subscribers that suspension of a service is far more difficult than getting it.

“We have issued instructions to Etisalat and Du to facilitate the cancellation of services in a way that the cancellation procedures must be as easy as those of activation,” TRA acting defector Majid Al Mismar told Emirat Alyoum Arabic language daily.

“We have made clear to them that if mobile phone users can activate or update a service through a phone call or SMS, then they should be able to have that service suspended or stopped through a phone call or SMS with the need for them to visit the service centre and wait for a long time.”