iPhone 5 effect: Second-hand iPhones in UAE below Dh1,000

Second-hand iPhones are flooding the used phone market with ridiculously low prices as Apple is all set to launch its new phone later today.

There have been a significant increase in the number of iPhones being put up on sale in classified sites across the world and UAE is no different.

A simple search on UAE-based classified sites including Dubizzle and Souq.com will reveal that most entries have been put up during the last one week.

What’s more, the prices are dropping by the day. People are trying to outsell the other by dropping prices for similar models by Dh50 to Dh100. A 32GB iPhone4 is now selling for Dh1,400 while the prices of older models have dropped below Dh1,000. Some have even put up ads that they are interested to buy iPhone4S for Dh1,000.

However, prices at retail shops for new units continue to remain the same. At the online Apple iStore in the UAE a 16GB iPhone4S is selling for Dh2,599 while a 64GB is still priced at Dh3,399.

Most outlets in the UAE say sales 4S have almost come to a standstill. “Prices of the iPhone4S have still not dropped and, therefore, there are hardly any units being sold. Why would someone in the right mind buy a new iPhone now when they can get a much better unit in a couple of months here for the same price,” said a sales staff at Emax.

With the iPhone frenzy increasing by the hour blogs are even writing about the ten best things one can do with their old iPhones with suggestions ranging from giving it to your kids so that your new one does not get touched; to donating it for charity or simply send it for recycling.

For those in the US and parts of Europe, Apple through its Reuse and Recycle program, accepts old iPhones for a rebate up to $345 – for a 64GB iPhone 4S.


And Apple's new iPhone is called the... iPhone5, iPhone4G, iPhone5.2…


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