iPhone 5: 'It's almost here', confirms Apple

Let the party begin.

As reported earlier by Emirates24|7 Apple Inc. diligently sent out invitations late last evening for an event on September 12, with a not-so-subtle hint in the invitation that it is about the launch of the much-awaited iPhone 5.

The invite has the number 12 casting a shadow of the number five and the words “It’s almost here” in stark black. The event will be held at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco and begin at 10am (9pm UAE time).

After going through the whole tried-and-tested hype-regimen of rumours, mock-ups, leaked apps and images, specs, etc., Apple has now finally sent out the invited even though, in true Apple tradition, it has still not said what is it that it is inviting folks to.

Apple-watchers (what, there is a fully fledged army of them out there) believe that, in addition to the iPhone 5, we’re likely to be finally made aware of the launch date of the iOS 6 operating system, which Apple previewed earlier this year.

While earlier rumours suggested that the iPad Mini might get a squeeze-in at the same event, insiders now say that the Mini will see its very own mega-event next month – and won’t play second-fiddle to the new smartphone.

Back to the new iPhone, and the ‘leaked’ specs suggest that the new iteration of Apple’s (and, arguably, the world’s) hottest selling smartphone will sport a larger 4" screen besides the 4G LTE connectivity that was first seen in the new iPad earlier this year.

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