iPhone 5 to have inbuilt Panoramic camera

Iphone5 might come with a panorama feature built into its camera as apple tries to match and outsmart Samsung and its Galaxy S3.

In what could be the last set of rumours before the new iPhone is officially released in the US later this evening, it is now being said that Panorama mode that already exists on Samsung S3 and various other android devices could be introduced into the iPhone.

The feature that will also be incorporated into the new iPod touch will stitch together multiple images to create a panoramic picture.

Currently there are multiple third party apps that will enable the iPhone4 and 4S to take panorama shots.

Emirates247 had earlier listed a number of new features that the new iPhone would have.

iPhone 5 secrets revealed...

From a larger screen size to change in the dock pin, almost everything including the launch date of the forthcoming device has already been debated and discussed taking the sheen out of today’s launch.

Yet apple being apple, the expectations are quite high and you can still expect some surprise new features later this evening.


The shocking truth about Apple’s new iPhone 5



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