iPhone 6, 6 Plus prices crash ahead of iPhone 6s, 6s Plus

With Apple set to launch the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus in two days, time is running out for the previous iterations of the iPhone, with the once-hot iPhone 6 now being offered at about a fifth less than its suggested retail price.

Apple’s UAE Store still lists the retail price of the iPhone 6 at Dh2,599 for the 16GB variant, with a promise to dispatch the device within one business day. It also lists the cheapest variant of the iPhone 6 Plus for Dh2,999.

But prices in the online and physical retail stores in the country are dropping fast, with prices this week nearing the Dh2,000-mark for the iPhone 6 and close to Dh2,500 for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Online retailer BuyOnDubai.com is offering the 16GB variant of the iPhone 6 for Dh2,095, with a promise of free delivery. That’s almost 20 per cent less than Apple’s official suggested retail price.

A host of other retailers – including SharafDG.com, CrazyDeals.com, Wadi.com and Hatifkom.com – are offering the iPhone 6 for Dh2,099.

While the official suggested retail price of the 64GB iPhone 6 is Dh2,999, BuyOnDubai.com is offering it at a discount of about 17 per cent, for Dh2,490. The other online retailers aren’t too far behind, with SharafDG.com and Wadi.com offering it for Dh2,499.

Apple suggests that iPhone 6 124 GB is retailed for Dh3,399, but retailers are offering it for as low as Dh2,835 (BuyOnDubai.com), followed by Dh2,839 by MobileShop.ae and Dh2,849 by SharafDG.com.

When it comes to the iPhone 6 Plus, it is once again BuyOnDubai.com which is retailing the 16GB variant for the cheapest – for Dh2,530, which is almost 16 per cent less than Apple’s suggested retail price.

ViewDeal.com follows, offering the device for just a tad more at Dh2,545 while MobileShop.ae offers it for Dh2,558 and eCart.ae for Dh2,559.

The lowest priced 64GB variant of the iPhone 6 Plus is available at MikenSmith.com, for Dh2,930, which is about 14 per cent less than Apple’s suggested retail price for the device. EnsureShopping.com offers the same for Dh2,935 while BuyOnDubai.com is retailing it for Dh2,960.

Finally, the lowest priced 128GB iPhone 6 Plus we found was at MobileShop.ae, for Dh3,024, down 20.4 per cent from Apple’s suggested retail price of Dh3,799. Some other retailers aren’t too far from the lowest priced offer – EnsureShopping.com is giving the device away for just a dirham more, at Dh3,025, while CostPrice.ae is giving it for Dh3,030.

As has been the trend in the past few years, prices of Apple’s iPhones begin slipping once the countdown for the launch of the newer versions begins.

However, the price decline continues for a few months after the newer versions are launched – so expect these prices to continue sliding until about Christmas this year.