iPhone 6C image leak: No major design change

Pics courtesy: Futuresupplier

New images of a what looks like a smaller version of the iPhone or the iPhone 6C, as we had reported last week, have emerged online, further confirming that Apple could indeed opt to come out with a four-inch iPhone.

A closer look at the images that were posted by Futuresupplier, points to a device that looks similar to the iPhone 5C in terms of design.

The website, however, does not provide any details about the possible authenticity of the image simply stating that they found the housing.

Apple discontinued the four-inch model in 2014 and came out with two new devices sized 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

We had recently reported about the possible reintroduction of the 4-inch device.

Will you still buy a 4-inch iPhone?

Meanwhile, the new leaked images point to two changes in the back casing, one on the camera flash cover which is more or less oval and the speaker holes at the bottom of the case, the latter more like the iPhone 6 design.

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