iPhone 6s, 6s Plus rumours: Price, camera, Force Touch…

The iPhone 6s will be a half-upgrade on the iPhone 6, with next year’s iPhone 7 qualifying to be called a proper upgrade.

With the countdown for the official launch of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus now underway, the rumour-mill is in full swing, churning out juicy details of the devices set to be launched on September 9.

Going by the Apple nomenclature, the iPhone 6s will be a half-upgrade on the iPhone 6, with next year’s iPhone 7 qualifying to be called a proper upgrade.

This means that several features of the iPhone 6s will be better than the iPhone 6, but may not necessarily be entitled to be termed a quantum leap.

Here are the things we know are of interest to you:

Prices and availability

Will Apple manage to keep a lid on the price with this upgrade?

Yes indeed, according to sources quoted by Dutch blog TechTastic .

The blog lists the European prices of the new devices (in euros), and they’re the same as that for the current crop of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Ergo, the UAE prices will remain the same, and so will the US prices and… we could go on.

iphone 6, 6s displays rear / credit: @MacRumors

The blog also lists that the new devices will be available for retail in Netherlands on September 25, which should, going by Apple’s last year’s rollout pattern, be among the second crop of countries (including the UAE) to receive the devices.

In any case, here are the euro prices as listed by TechTastic, which also suggest that Apple will stick to the same three colours (silver, gold and grey) for the latest iterations.

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s (Space Grey) 16GB / 64GB / 128GB (€ 699 / € 799 / € 899)

iPhone 6s (Ziler) 16GB / 64GB / 128GB (€ 699 / € 799 / € 899)

iPhone 6s (Gold) 16 / 64GB / 128GB (€ 699 / € 799 / € 899)

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus (Space Grey) 16GB / 64GB / 128GB (€ 799 / € 899 / € 999)

iPhone 6s Plus (Ziler) 16GB / 64GB / 128GB (€ 799 / € 899 / € 999)

iPhone 6s Plus (Gold) 16 / 64GB / 128GB (€ 799 / € 899 / € 999)

Better, bigger camera

Apple is trying to put your best face forward with this upgrade. From what has been bandied around so far, the leaks all confirm to a better, bigger front-facing FaceTime camera, which will also get front flash support – LED or otherwise.

According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone’s camera system is in for a major revamp with this upgrade, with a pixel-count upgrade for the first time in four years, since the launch of the iPhone 4s launch in 2011.

Larger FrintFacingCamera / credit: @iPhoneTeam

From the 8MP sensor on the iPhone 6, the camera will sport a 12MP capacity on both of the new iPhones (6s and 6s Plus).

The 12MP camera will translate into larger, higher-resolution photos.

In addition, the A9 system-on-a-chip sporting an upgraded image signal processor will enhance the picture quality, say sources.

In addition, the front-facing camera may also get the panorama feature along with and slow motion video in 720P.

Sources maintain that the rear camera too will see an upgrade to 12MP, and will boast the capability to shoot video in full 4K high-definition resolution.

With this change, we might see the lens of the rear camera align right back in the device rather than protruding out, as it does now.

EverythingApplesPro has, in fact, created a YouTube video of their ‘hands-on’ experience with the display of the unreleased iPhone 6s.


Force Touch

Leaked images of the new devices show that the new iPhones will be slightly thicker than the current crop, and that may, at least in part, be because of the Force Touch feature that the Apple smartphones are rumoured to borrow from the firm’s wearables division (Apple Watch).

The new, pressure-sensitive screen will add to the thickness of the devices. 9to6Mac cites sources claiming that the iOS version of Force Touch is known as “Orb” in Apple circles.

RearCamera / credit: 9to5Mac

“Instead of opening up a large window of extra controls that did not fit on the screen, as is done on the Apple Watch, Force Touch on the iPhone is designed to skip existing lists of options or button presses,” says the site. “There is consistent usage of Force Touch across the operating system to ‘shortcut’ actions,” rather than present new options like with the Apple Watch, it states quoting a source.

The Taptic engine integration in the new iPhones will serve as a technology to shortcut common iOS tasks, rather than solely as a mechanism for adding overlays of options as is the case in Apple Watch.

Packaging / credit: CnBeta.com

Which means that while a soft touch on Maps, for instance, will zoom in, a longer, harder press could begin turn-by-turn directions, the source said.

Besides these, expect the new iPhones to come loaded with a host of faster, stronger features: a faster A9 chip, a doubling of RAM to 2GB, quicker LTE speeds for browsing, and better battery life. And, the 16GB version will be back this time, or so claim sources.

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