iPhone vs Android brawl: Roomies stab each other

Police learned roommates had been arguing over their mobile phones. [Shutterstock]

This is as weird as it gets. If you thought the online battle of iPhone vs Android smartphones was futile, this fatuous deed by two roommates is sure to leave you speechless.

Two American men – grown-ups, mind you – in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were first hospitalised and then shifted to jail after stabbing each other in a real fight over which of the two dominant smartphone operating systems – the iOS that powers the iPhone, or Android that runs the likes of Samsung Galaxy and HTC devices – was superior.

According to KTUL-TV, a local ABC affiliate in Tulsa, a woman found a man covered in blood, stumbling around the parking lot of the Evergreen Apartments around 1am on Friday.

The report added that when Tulsa police arrived at the apartment complex, they learned that the roommates had been arguing over their mobile phones.

The report quotes police as saying the two men broke bottles and stabbed each other with them. One of the men smashed a bottle over the back of the other man’s head.

According to subsequent media reports, the roommates were treated at the hospital and later being transferred to the Tulsa County Jail on Friday afternoon.

“In over 35 years as a cop, this is one of the oddest reasons I’ve seen for assault,” Maj. Rod Hummel of the Tulsa police told ABC News.

While the two took the argument too far, a fierce battle is still waging between arch-rivals Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics for asserting supremacy in the global smartphones domain, with the South Korean firm itching to regain the crown of the largest smartphone manufacturer from its American rival this quarter.

The war is far from over, with new players adding to the Android club even as Apple remains one of the most profitable companies in the world.

Tell us; Which OS – the iPhone’s iOS or Android – do you prefer and why?

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