iPhone5 available in UAE…@ about Dh6,000

iPhone5 arrives in the UAE, and is being sold for about Dh6,000. But wait before you buy as nano sim cards that iPhone5 uses may not still be available in the UAE.

Du has already announced that the iPhone5 will be the first phone to use its 4G LTE facility. An etisalat customer service source yesterday said he was still not sure if 4G LTE would work on any of the iPhone5 handsets.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone5 is being sold in the UAE for as high as Dh6,000. Most new classified advertisements in the UAE are selling Apple’s new iPhone5 for an average Dh5,000, more than double the original price.

Apple started selling its new iPhone across stores in US, parts of Europe and South East Asia yesterday [Friday].

The iPhone5 has had mixed reviews for its impressive design and A6 processor, and quite a few flaks for replacing Google maps with a substandard in-house map application.

Meanwhile, freelancers are already selling the new phone in the UAE. A classified advertisement on Dubizzle reads, “iPhone5 already in hand. Will deliver within one hour after confirmation.”

The 16GB units - both black and white are priced at Dh4,999. “No negotiations. Serious buyers only,” the advertisement adds.

When asked if the 4G LTE will work in the UAE, the dealer who called himself Foorya said: “Right now it will not work as both etisalat and du have still not started offering 4G LTE on mobile phones. But within a month it will start working.”

Etisalat however offers 4G on mobile handsets in select locations across the UAE at 29000 Hertz.

Du, meanwhile, has officially announced that its 4G LTE will work on iPhone5 that offers a maximum speed of 100Mbps.

“Our customers will enjoy speeds of 100 Mbps on 4G LTE and 42 Mbps on DC HSPA+ on our 4G network,” said a customer service executive.

“Soon we’ll bring this much-anticipated new smartphone to the UAE, with attractive data plans and nano SIMs,” he added.

‘Emirates24|7’ had earlier reported that the 4G LTE that iPhone5 offers could work in the UAE. The 4G LTE that was included in the new iPad was incompatible with both etisalat’s and du’s 4G frequencies.

However, there could be an issue with the nano sim card which the new iPhone5 uses. The nano sim that replaces the existing micro sim of the iPhone4S is much smaller in size. “You can easily take it to Satwa and have it cut just like you did for the micro sim,” said one grey market dealer.




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