iPhone5C and iPhone5S slated to arrive in UAE after September 20

Apple removes iPhone5 from online store

The iPhone5 is dead. Long live the iPhone5. Yes, with the launch of its latest model, Apple has already killed the iPhone5, banished it from the online store, although the new phone is yet to hit UAE stores.

The international edition of apple.com<http://apple.com> however features the iPhone5C and the iPhone 5S. Pre-orders are only slated from Friday September 13 for the former and September 20 for the latter.

The new phones are yet to be launched in the UAE and what we are seeing here is a return to 2011 – the iPhone4S is featured as the main device in the iPhone section.

So technically anyone who wants to buy an iPhone5 online through the Apple store will not be able to do so and we do not know when Apple plans to launch the new phones in the UAE.

A staff at Virgin Megastore at the Mall of the Emirates however told Emirates 24/7 that he has been telling customers to wait until November end or December for the new phones to officially come to the UAE.

“We still have stocks of the iPhone5. We are continuing to price them at Dh2,699 for a 16Gb, Dh3,149 for a 32GB and Dh3,549 for a 64Gb handset,” he said.

Meanwhile, grey market sources have already become active. “The new phones are slated to arrive here in the UAE any time after September 20 and will be priced at least Dh,1000 more than the official pricing,” said Bittu Jethani of Sheeba Electronics, located in Meena Bazaar in Bur Dubai.

According to him, the iPhone5S will be priced at Dh4,000 plus for 16Gb and Dh,5000 plus for a 32GB model.

“This pricing will only be there for the first week, when the phones will be shipped from the US. Once it reaches the UAE market, the prices will start to fall,” he adds.

It is not surprising that Apple has removed the iPhone5 from its stores as the newly announced 5S has a similar pricing and form factor but comes with added features including a finger print sensor, which Apple called the Touch ID, an A7 chip with a 64bit processor – the first in the industry, and a far superior camera.


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