Kids in UAE: Their safety your app-y place

The murder of a young boy in Sharjah last week has once again brought to limelight the safety measures that needs to be kept in mind especially with regard to children.

Experts have constantly warned about the importance of training children about the dangers of interacting with strangers, to kick and scream when in danger, to simply follow common sense and mainly good parenting.

Yet, adoption of the latest technological advancements could do wonders in assisting parents and guardians especially in a connected world.

The last five years have seen rapid development and deployment of child safety technology. Be it smartwatches, wrist bands, GPS tracking devices or parental control applications, the number of gadgets have not only increased but the cost of owning one has also been dropping fast.

Several prominent tech firms have gone on to introduce child safety gadgets into their list.

Hemayati bracelet

This is a project by the UAE's Ministry of Interior. It first launched an iOS and Android application called Hemayati in 2013. The application is to help parents keep track of their kids  as well as enable children using a smartphone to make distress calls through the click of a button. According to latest reports at least 30,000 families are actively using the wristband.

Earlier this year MOI released a limited number of wrist band on a trial basis. The device incorporates the features of the application.

UAE's telecom operator has a special package where it provides unlimited data connectivity for the application for Dh49. Users can subscribe for the facility by sending H to 1010.

UAE's 'smart' bracelet for children

GPS Tracking apps