Latest from Apple: A solar powered iWatch and a supersmart iPen

Will the iWatch come with a solar powered battery and the phablet sized iPhone with a new supersmart iPen? Apple’s accessory list is growing and threatening to take the competition to a serious new height.

According to latest reports, Apple has won a new patent for orientation detection in an iPen, even as the company applied for five more new patents that might well make the new stylus, the most wanted productivity accessory.

The report by Patently Apple notes that one of the patent applications is for a “modular iPen design that would allow users to choose different modules for different tasks.”

Just imagine using the iPen as a laser pointer, to make audio recordings, take pictures or even scan documents. The files are then wirelessly transferred to the iOS device.

Apple's latest European filing the report says is “intelligently designed so that Apple will be able to introduce new accessory "expansion modules" over time so as to keep the iPen up to date with the latest and greatest features.”

All you will have to do is change the top half of the pen to suit your latest requirements. The possibilities are immense especially as Apple is seriously working on converting the mobile phone into a mini medical lab.

Apple smart watch may keep the doctor away

Meanwhile, a New York Times report says Apple might first introduce inductive charging and solar powered batteries into the iWatch.

In Fact Apple has been working on the project for many years with plans to introduce solar charging to iPhones, iPads and even MacBooks.

An earlier report by Patently Apple in October last year pointed out that Apple has won several patents for the use of solar technology that might incorporate a power management system where in you don’t require a converter circuit.

“In other words, the power management system may operate within the electronic device to convert power from the solar panel into a voltage, current, and/or form that are compatible with the battery and/or components of the electronic device,” the report states


However it is still not clear if Apple will incorporate the new feature into the first edition of the iWatch, which it is believed could be announced this year.


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