LG announces three new budget Q and K series Android smartphones

Photo: AFP

Just days before the Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona, LG has unveiled three new wallet-friendly smartphones with tiny notches and up to three rear cameras.

On Wednesday, LG announced a slew of new mid-range phones for the money-conscious consumer that the company says "boast premium features, advanced technologies and stylish design."

All three smartphones, the Q60, K50, and K40 don LG's HD+ FullVision display measuring up at either 5.7-inches or 6.2-inches depending on the model. The two larger handsets, the Q60 and K50, both feature water-drop notches and slim bezels.   

Additionally, all are equipped with a dedicated Google Assistant button and feature the latest AI tech to improve camera performance. The most advanced of the lot, the Q60, has four unique cameras total: one front lens and three rear lenses. The K50 has one in front and two and back, and the K40 has just one on each side.

Also in common between all devices is the DTS:X 3D Surround Sound system that "convincingly simulates" a 7.1-channel surround sound system to create an immersive audio experience. Likewise, each has a fingerprint sensor mounted on the back.

Lastly, the devices were designed with battery life in mind. The Q60 and K50 both have batteries just a hair more powerful than the K40 which will allow users to enjoy long sessions of gaming or content streaming without draining the battery too quickly. The K40's battery, on the other hand, is just hefty enough to last through an entire day without heavy usage.

So far, no release dates or pricing for the phones have been announced, but the devices will officially be revealed at the Mobile World Congress next week where we can expect to see this kind of information. On the bright side, LG did state that the mid-range handsets "won't break the bank" and have been designed for those "who traditionally had to settle for less."

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