LG celebrates its ‘blackest yet brightest moment’ in Dubai


In a push to consolidate its leadership slot in the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TV market in the MEA region, LG Electronics yesterday unveiled its latest OLED TV line-up in Dubai.

LG claims that its new range of TVs “deliver deepest blacks and richest colours,” calling yesterday’s launch its ‘blackest yet brightest moment’.

“We have all noticed that stars shine brighter on darker nights, with their light appearing more vivid and brilliant against a perfect black backdrop,” said Kevin Cha, LG’s President for the MEA region.

He noted that LG’s OLED TV’s perfect blacks create the same effect, giving the screen an infinite contrast ratio.

Cha also highlighted the region’s importance in the group’s global business.

“The MEA region is a diverse and growing market, and LG sees huge potential here for OLED technology,” he said.

South Korean LG Electronics’ sister unit LG Display said earlier this week that it will invest least 10 trillion won ($8.47 billion) into displays – primarily OLED – for large-screen products such as TVs, and flexible screens for smartphones as well as wearables.

LG sees OLED as the next-generation screen technology while rival Samsung seems to be betting on SUHD (super ultra high definition) and 4K displays, maintaining that OLED is too expensive for larger-format displays like TV sets. The retail price of similar-sized OLED TVs remains more than double that comparable LED TVs.

Both the South Korean firms are bitter rivals when it comes to electronics, especially TVs and smartphones although Samsung is the world leader in smartphones as well as flat-panel LED TVs.

Nevertheless, LG is now trying to dominate the OLED space by pumping in record investment in a bid to position itself at the premium end (read: lucrative) of the TV market.

“At LG, we intend to create a new market here for the next step in the evolution of TV. As part of our ongoing commitment to giving users the best viewing experience possible, we are proud to continue leading the way in the next generation of home entertainment through our OLED TVs,” Cha said.

According to him, the upgraded display on the new screens delivers the ‘deepest blacks and richest colours’, providing a better viewing experience.

Its new line-up of three models with OLED displays are slimmer, narrower, and lighter than competing LCD TVs, LG said.

The 77-inch, 65-inch and 55-inch models all feature an ‘Infinite Contrast’ ratio, 4K Ultra HD (resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels), Tru-4K Engine Pro, webOS, 4K 3D+ Ultra HD and a HEVC Decoder, the firm noted.

In addition, LG has partnered with Harmon/Kardon to offer high-quality audio experience in the models.

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