Like Facebook photos, get paid $25 per hour. Really?

Nothing gets more attention that money and the numerous offers that promise to make money and that too, a quick and easy buck.

The latest fad on LinkedIn, it seems, is promising an easy $25 per hour (Dh91.8) for things that many of us do to kill time.

The discussion on one of the groups on LinkedIn – Gulf Recruitment – is promising to offer high-paying jobs on Facebook? $25 per hour, and interested candidates can start immediately.

“There are thousands of businesses around the world and in your local area looking to hire people just like you to work on simple tasks such as posting Facebook comments, moderating Facebook groups, uploading photos and tagging people, generating Facebook ‘likes’ and followers.

“Most of these jobs don’t require any prior experience and the only skills you need are a good knowledge of how to use Facebook,” says the post, which then takes you a link where the money is promised.

“Website is currently hiring people worldwide for a wide range of Facebook jobs, so if you would like to get paid to spend time on Facebook hurry and sign up now! Positions are filling fast,” it added further.

Many who are swayed by the idea of making quick money clicked on the link. One of the group members has tagged it just another scam. “Anyone other than me who is tired of this kind of spam?” posted one member.

“I got an e-mail from the group as I’ve subscribed to it. I clicked on it only to realize this is a sham,” said an Emirates 24|7 reader.

“Don’t waste our time with these spams ...enough enough enough…” said another obviously irritated person on LinkedIn.


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