Meet 'Qannas' - your Instagram, Twitter personal security consultant in the UAE

The Qannas character launched by the MOI. (Wam)

The Ministry of Interior, represented by the Security Media Department, has introduced a new cartoon character called ‘Qannas’ as a new awareness-raising initiative. This will be added to the ministry’s roster of initiatives aimed at spreading security and social awareness, and instilling police culture among community members.

Qannas, a wise-looking person, communicates with followers on the ministry’s Twitter account (@Abudhabipolice) and Instagram (MOIUAE), to promote moral social values and raise awareness.

Qannas is a progress-loving character. He tackles purposeful topics for the benefit of society members within a police and security-related awareness framework.
The new character was created by the Security Media Department to enhance interaction with members of the public regarding police, social and security-related issues, to achieve a positive impact on society.

Lieutenant Colonel Saeed Al Khajah, Deputy Director of Security Media Department, explained: "Qannas is a 40-year old intellectual character who loves to read and likes to help others. He keeps pace with the latest technologies, and is attached to traditions and principles.

Qannas will communicate with heads of departments to answer the public’s queries. He will also help remind members of the public of the Ministry of Interior and the Abu Dhabi Police’s announcements published in the media, and provide educational tips. He will highlight police events and other public local and international events of interest to community members."

Lieutenant Colonel Al Khajah said: "Technically, topics of social interest will be presented monthly, via hashtags, in the form of simple sentences and interactive awareness messages, using the latest techniques and creative means.  Additionally, a series of 3D comics will be launched, tackling police, security and social topics in a simple writing style easily understandable and accessible to the target audience. These efforts aim to raise awareness and reflect the Ministry of Interior’s strategy to interact with different segments and members of society."

"The cartoon character, Qannas, is inspired by the Emirati culture. This character aims to raise police, security and social awareness in daily life and social conduct, through continuous awareness initiatives that target all society segments," Lieutenant Colonel Al Khajah explained.

Qannas will remind the public of police working hours during special occasions such as Ramadan. He will also advise community members on the importance of wearing seatbelts whilst driving, and the need to abide by traffic signs and avoid over speeding, the Lieutenant said.

"Qannas will also spread awareness of the risks of drug abuse and crowding at accident sites. He will provide members of the public with tips on how to handle emergency cases and ways to protect children against risks of internet and modern technology.

Furthermore, Qannas will answer his followers’ inquiries on Twitter and Instagram, and offer guidance on how parents can prevent children from falling from windows and balconies, in addition to other advice and guidance on traffic, security and social issues," he added.

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