Microsoft's App(le) attack with Windows 8 OS

Microsoft is going all out in its effort to capture the mobile market with all new operating system with a much advanced multicore processor similar to that used in PC desktops.

Just days after it announced its Surface series of tablets that threatens to take on Apple’s iPad and even threatens to eliminate laptops and netbooks, tonight it is expected to announce its new Windows 8 mobile operating system with much advanced features that could include 3D maps and better VOIP integration.

The new OS codenamed Apollo and will be unveiled at 9am Pacific Time (8pm UAE local time) at San Francisco.

The new OS will be based on the Windows NT Core that was first released in 1993 and has based used in all desktops post XP.

According to reports, the new OS will support different resolution.

While initially it was rumoured that there could be four different resolutions, wpcentral, a Tech blog on windows based products has reported that one of the four have been dropped.

“Besides the 480x800 display resolutions you'll also see the addition of 768x1280 and 720x1280,” the report said. It also added that the new OS would look somewhat similar to Windows Phone 7 with minor changes and there could be a native development for apps. However all all apps developed for Windows mobile 7 is expected to work on the new OS.

It also confirms reports of a deeper Skype integration, which Microsoft acquired at a cost of $8.5billion.

There are also reports that the Nokia 3D maps will be integrated into the new OS, taking forward the partnership between the two companies much beyond phones.


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