Microsoft slashes Surface Pro 3 prices by $100

Microsoft has slashed the price of its Surface Pro 3 tablets cum laptops by $100 staring today and until the end of the weak.

The Latest Surface Pro offer brings down the price of a 12-inch 128GB i5 device to $899 (Dh3,299). It was originally priced at $999 (Dh3,666). The offer is valid until February 7.

But the offer is valid currently only in the United States and Canada.

For those of you planning to buy the device here in the UAE, there would be disappointment. Forget the $100 discount, Microsoft has not even officially launched the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for consumer sales here in the UAE.

Currently only corporate customers are allowed to purchase the device.


Surface Pro 3 can however be obtained on and other online trading outlets for a price point varying from Dh3,499 to Dh3,799 for an 128GB i5 device.

The Surface which boats of being a full-fledged laptop in the form factor of a tablet has been doing well of late. Sales increased by almost 24 per cent in the last quarter ending December 2014. Revenues increased to $1.1 billion during the same period. The previous quarter it earned $908 million in revenues.

Meanwhile, there are also reports that Microsoft might be planning to pull the plug on its Surface 2 tablets – the RT version. There has been no scheduled upgrades to Windows 10 on the Windows RT and it does not look like Microsoft would ever announce one.

Unlike the Surface Pro, The RT is a much more basic version and functions merely like a tablet. It does not have the full functionality of a laptop. Although several OEMs continue to come out with the Windows RT versions, Microsoft it appears may not do the same.

Instead by clearly focusing on the Surface Pro Microsoft can not only stay ahead in the 2 in 2 segment, it can also take on the competition to Apple’s doorstep and to the Macbook Air.

Microsoft has been pitching the Surface Pro as a tablet that can successfully replace a laptop and this ad makes it quite clear who it really wants to take on.

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