Microsoft to take a bite of Apple’s iPad tonight

Technology major Microsoft is all set to give Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Note a run for their money as it will apparently unveil its very own tablet PC tonight.

“This will be a major Microsoft announcement — you will not want to miss it,” the software company said in its emailed invite to media for an event in Los Angeles this evening.

This, obviously, has reignited quiescent expectations that Steve Ballmer’s company is now ready to take on Apple’s dominance in the tablet market with the unveiling of its Windows 8 tablet.

According to the tech website, The Wrap, Microsoft is set to unveil a tablet in the hope of creating a worthy rival to Apple’s iPad.

Bill Gates’ software company has a lot riding on Windows 8, which will be a significant successor to Window 7. The software giant hopes that the launch of Windows 8 tablets and smartphones will help it deal with rival Google.

Google’s Android smartphones and tablets have been a big success and Microsoft, which is a late comer to the field, hopes to give it some serious competition.

Rumours abounding the cyberworld suggest that Microsoft has teamed up with Barnes and Nobles, with which it had announced a strategic partnership in late April, to take on the might of the iPad and the Galaxy Note combined.

Additionally, speculation is rife that Amazon will soon slash the price of its Kindle Fire to ensure that it remains competitive in the face of the Windows 8 launch, which insiders say will be heavily Barnes and Noble-branded, and will come loaded with the bookseller’s app as native.

In any case, things are really heating up in the tablet market this summer, with Google expected to launch its own-brand tablet at its Input/Output event on June 27, and the new iPad mini rumoured to be out in September.


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