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Move your business into the cloud!

Do you want your business to reach greater heights? Now is the time to switch to cloud computing, which gives you the technology to store and access your data over the internet.

Businesses of all sizes, in different locations, and operating in all industries are using cloud infrastructure. Why? Well cloud computing offers many benefits for your business. It’s cost effective as you don't have to spend large sums of money on purchasing and maintaining equipment. Cloud software has advanced security features that guarantee your data is secure. And all your resources in the cloud can be easily stored, recovered and processed 24-7, on the move, and from anywhere in the world.

There is a wide variety of cloud computing solutions available on the market today to meet the needs of your business. Cloud computing solutions like Comarch Cloud Infraspace will help you to build, manage, upgrade, and maintain business-relevant applications. Since opening its latest technologically advanced data centre in Dubai, Comarch has been able to offer the Middle East market an extended version of its powerful cloud computing facility; new functionalities include hosting services.

Comarch’s constantly updated cloud service enables companies of all sizes and industries in the Middle East to reduce their operational costs by 50-80%. It can be easily configured at any time to meet your company's requirements. And it uses high-end risk prevention mechanisms and the latest encryption methods to store and protect your data.

This ready-to-go does not require any additional hardware, so there’s no office downtime. What’s more, there are zero investment costs and you are only charged for the features in use. Step into this cloud, and you simply drive the digital transformation of your company and quickly achieve growth and results.

For more information about Comarch Cloud Infraspace in the Middle East, visit https://cloud.comarch.com/.

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